Mission Statement

1. Foster an appreciation of the history of stationary steam engines throughout the world.

2. Encourage and support the preservation of surviving stationary steam engines.

3. Document all aspects of stationary steam engine development and application.

4. Arrange for member visits to private stationary steam engine sites.

5. Assist members with research of specific steam engines, manufacturers, or particular aspects of stationary steam engine history.

6. Provide members with the names of suppliers of products and services related to stationary steam engine preservation, restoration, and operation.

7. Publish the I.S.S.E.S. Bulletin, containing reports and studies of all aspects of the stationary steam engine, news, museum happenings, book reviews and reader's letters. The Notes & News section of each Bulletin provides information about steam engines: in need of good homes, often in danger of being scrapped; recently moved      and preserved; newly discovered; or recently destroyed. Members are encouraged to submit articles describing their personal experiences with stationary steam engine operation or preservation.

8. Publish an I.S.S.E.S. Newsletter, as required, containing urgent news and information on I.S.S.E.S visits to engine sites, engines available for preservation, Member's advertisements of items for sale or requests for information

9. Publish the annual UK Members Supplement 'UK Engines' in early spring or summer, listing places open to the public were stationary steam engines can be seen, many in operation.

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